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California Medical Assistants Association

California Medical Assistants Association of San Diego
(not an active chapter as this time)

California Certifying board for Medical Assistants (CCMA certification)                                                     

National Certifying board for Medical Assistants

California Board of Registered Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions about the duties of a Medical Assistant                                                                                  CA.Gov The Medical Board of California                                                                               

Occupational outlook for Medical Assistant Jobs as published by the United States Department of Labor           Occupational Outlook for Medical Assistant Jobs

Californa Association for Nurse Practitioners                                                                                                                                                                    

American Association of Nurse Practitioners                                                                                                     

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For Employers

Guideline for what you can and can not ask during an employment interview
California Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing Fact Sheet

San Diego Medical Society

Medical Group Managers Association

American Academy of Private Physicians

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