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Our Recruitment process

Each and every candidate referred to an employer by Plaza Personnel Service has been interviewed in person at our San Diego office in Mission Valley.  All candidates are screened and checked; employment history and work references are verified.  Criminal background checks, credit checks and drug screening are available upon request.  With over 25 years experience we understand your job descriptions and the skills and qualifications you need to get the job done right and done well.  


Our search strategy

Searching for the best candidates is an ongoing process.  We maintain a large custom active database of qualified candidates which has been developed and continually updated for over 28 years.  We use all methods possible to attract talent looking for employment in our specialty areas in San Diego.  We advertise on an ongoing basis with many sources.  We utilize multiple job boards and web sites and hand screen all resumes received.  All resumes received are individually screened for content, grammar, format and soft skills in addition to jobs skills, job stablility and keywords.   We are actively involved with many local business groups and trade associations.  We continually network in the community and encourage referrals, one of our best sources for the top candidates. We maintain a strong presence on the internet always staying on the cutting edge of technology.  We work hard to maintain our first page Google ranking. And we use boolean search techniques to search the internet using many years of experience to recruit passive candidates for specialty positions. 

When you put us to work on a job opening for your office the job listing will reach a broad San Diego audience with our extensive exposure on major internet search engines and industry specific job boards as well as Google and Indeed.  We have recently partnered with Goodle Jobs so that all our job posts are featured on Google Jobs.


Our social media strategy

Things have changed a lot in staffing since we started Plaza Personnel Service in San Diego in 1991.  Today we have a strong presence on the Internet and social media.  We foster and encourage interaction on our Facebook page to engage and attract new talent on an ongoing basis.  We utilize Google Jobs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media sites, always working to improve our sites and stay on the cutting edge.


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