10 Reasons to use Plaza Personnel Service Medical Staffing


1.         Locally owned and operated for 30 years

We understand the San Diego medical job market.  We are very experienced with staffing clinical and administrative support position for private medical practices in San Diego.

2.         Accurate detailed applicant information

It is well known that a high percentage of applicants present inaccurate information on their resume and application form. But 90% of hiring decisions are made solely based on a resume, application form and interview. In a competative job market, candidates will understandably put a best foot forward—it’s just that sometimes it’s not theirs. Whether it’s covering up a previous dismissal, a criminal past, exaggerating work responsibilities and experience or presenting fake credentials, the job market is full of candidates using any means to get a leg up. Plaza Personnel Service meets every candidate in person and makes sure everything on the resume and application form is accurate and true.

3.       Thorough employment reference checks

Employment reference checks are becoming more and more difficult to get.  Many employers will not give out much information if any.   With a strong network of contacts in the local medical community, with trust earned over many years and an arsenal of techniques we are able to get confidential employment references.

4.       Access to criminal background checks

Plaza Personnel Service is on contract with a reputable background check vendor for criminal background checks, credit checks and a menu of additional background checks as necessary.  Fully compliant with all legal requirements and guidelines.

5.       Time and money saved

You can focus on what you do while we search and screen candidates for you.  We will refer the top 3-4 pre screened and checked candidates to you.  Save lots of time going though endless resumes and just see the best matched pre screened candidates.   And an effective pre-employment screening program helps reduce turnover and the associated costs by ensuring that only suitable candidates are hired.  Screening will also help filter out candidates who may not possess the necessary skills and personality to succeed with your company, which otherwise might result in the employee voluntarily leaving the organization or being terminated for poor performance, both of which can be costly for the company.

6.      Focus on small private practice hiring

Plaza Personnel Service was built with the needs of small to medium sized and growing medical practices and Doctor’s in mind. We know first-hand the struggles smaller, new and growing practices can have finding and hiring employees they can trust, while also abiding by all local, state and federal employment law. Plaza Personnel Service’s goal is to help medical practices run smoothly and grow by offering the tools and advice needed to take the hassle and headaches out of hiring.

7.      Get started faster

Other companies may slow you down by making you talk to Sales Reps and sign contracts.  At Plaza Personnel Service, we help you get started right away.

8.      Always available when you need us

At Plaza Personnel Service, we not only want to provide a service, but also a great experience. Our Clients experience a one on one relationship to ensure that Plaza Personnel Service is the easiest–dare we say–most fun medical employment agency you will ever use.   That’s just one reason why we have many local Doctors who turn to us when ever they need to hire for their practice.

9.      First class customer support

At Plaza Personnel Service, we know that when a question or concern comes up, you want an answer … fast.  With over 30 years of experience we are well equipped to resolve all your employee searching and screening needs as accurately and efficiently as possible.   And we are available after regular business hours if and when you need us.

10.    Earned a great reputation

This is what one of our biggest clients had to say about us “As a small business owner I was reluctant to spend the money on an Employment Agency at first, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  You find us great people, who have been integral to our success, you understand our culture. I am a big fan”



Plaza Personnel Service your best choice for staffing in San Diego

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