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Bloom where you are planted

Post Date: January 21st, 2020

Bloom where you are planted

Thought for today … Bloom where you are planted. Yes, we have a lot of choices in our lives. But there is also a lot we can't control. With this in mind our thought for today is "Bloom where you are planted" Just a friendly reminder to do the best that you can and live your best life.


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This message is shared by Susan at Plaza Personnel Service in San Diego.   Plaza Personnel Service is a permanent placement employment agency, a medical staffing agency.   We work with Medical Assistant jobs, Medical Receptionist jobs, Medical Insurance Biller jobs and other jobs both clinical and administrative in private practice Doctor offices.  With almost 30 years of experience we know medical staffing.   Just a reminder today to live your best life!  We have a lot of choices in our lives but not everything about our lives is up to us.  With this in mind we say "Bloom where you are planted"