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Medical Assistants Job Coach

Post Date: May 3rd, 2019


For most of us it is difficult and a little scary to make changes in our lives and our work. When it comes to changing jobs we will make the whole process a little bit easier for you. Think of us as your personal coach to help in finding a new job. It's all about you with a little help from an expert 



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Plaza Personnel Service in San Diego, CA.   A permanent placement employment agency, A medical staffing agency.   Jobs for Medical Assistants, Medical Receptionists and other clinical and administrative jobs in Doctor offices and Clinics throughout San Diego County.  We have been helping Medical Assistants and Medical Receptionists find the right fit for their Medical Assistants jobs for many years.   We have lots of experience to share.  We started in San Diego in 1991, with over 25 years of experience we know medical staffing, we know San Diego Doctor offices, we can help find the right job fit for you. 

Plaza Personnel Service Medical Staffing Agency in San Diego, CA