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Medical Assistant Recognition Week

Post Date: October 16th, 2017


Show Your Appreciation to Medical Assistants during MARWeek 2017

Medical Assistant  Recognition Week


Medical Assistants (MAs) Certified Medical Assistants CMAs (CMAs) and American Association of Medical Assistant AAMA (AAMA) – certified employees constitute the heart of the health care industry. Medical Assistants Recognition Week (MARWeek), which takes place this year from Oct. 16th – 20th is an ideal time for Practitioners, practices and clinics to express their appreciation. If you employ Medical Assistants or personnel from a medical staffing agency in San Diego, presenting them with a small token or card during MARWeek is the perfect way to show how much you value what they do.

Your Medical Assistants take care of a multitude of essential duties to keep your practice or clinic on track and your patients happy. They handle routine yet critical tasks like taking medical histories, explaining procedures to patients and assisting during examinations. They take care of everyday details so that you can do your job as effectively as possible. With the help of your CA permanent placement employment agency in San Diego, direct hire medical staffing for doctors in San Diego, California, you can be sure that your Assistants are highly qualified and capable.

Medical Assistants are likely to cross-train as Medical Receptionists as well. They are able to pitch in as needed with updating records, scheduling and completing insurance authorizations. Many Doctors find their most efficient Medical Assistants through specialized firms that provide direct hire medical staffing for private practice and clinics in San Diego, California.

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Assisting is currently among the fastest-growing career fields. As the demand for CMAs grows, it may be more difficult to find the Medical Assistants you need. A reputable CA permanent placement employment agency in San Diego, direct hire medical staffing for doctors, in San Diego, California can help.

Without MAs, most health care organizations would find themselves at a loss. You can help keep your organization vital by showing your appreciation for your MAs during MARWeek this year. Great reward ideas include:

• Giving them a bonus or raise
• Offering them a paid day off
• Ordering in a gourmet lunch
• Presenting them with a thank-you card that everyone has signed
• Featuring them in your October newsletter

Your Medical Assistants add value to your organization, and MARWeek is an annual opportunity to recognize their contributions. Knowing that you care makes your MAs more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and your organization. As your medical practice grows, rely on your medical staffing agency in San Diego to fill your openings with professionally qualified CMAs.


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