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Medical Assistants Recognition Week 2016

Post Date: September 19th, 2016


Celebrate Medical Assistants Recognition Week 2016

This October


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Medical Assistants Recognition Week 2016 will take place from October 17-21. We encourage all of the facilities we staff to take this opportunity to recognize the achievements of our medical assistants, because without these valuable personnel, most practitioners would be unable to provide the same quality of care.

Patients appreciate the skill and professionalism of the medical assistants who help them. They understand that it’s usually medical assistants who greet them at a facility, listen to their concerns, and advocate for them on behalf of their providers. Medical assistants make patients comfortable at the facility, ensuring that they receive treatments properly and in a timely fashion. Patients deeply appreciate the compassion with which medical assistants care for them.

If you’re a provider, you also understand the worth of medical assistants. You rely on your medical assistants to facilitate communication between you and your patients, passing along instructions, refill requests, and messages about lab results and other important information.

A skilled medical assistant knows how to build rapport with patients, and such a professional can often collect substantial, and crucial, health information that patients may not feel comfortable sharing with a provider. As a provider, you probably rely on your medical assistants to keep you on task, help you tackle paperwork, and perform many other vital functions every day.

That’s why our medical staffing agency in San Diego, California observes Medical Assistant Recognition Week, and we encourage you, too, to take this opportunity to show your medical assistants and other staff your appreciation for all that they do. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) suggests observing Medical Assistant Recognition Week in a variety of ways.

Many providers choose to honor their medical assistants with an appropriate gift. Such gifts can include:

  • A paid day off
  • A daily planner or organizer
  • A gift card to a uniform store or even a department store
  • Tuition reimbursement for professional training or higher education credits
  • A monetary bonus or salary increase

Of course, you shouldn’t restrict your appreciation of medical staff to just one week of the year. Show your appreciation all year around by recognizing individuals in your monthly newsletters, and including staff and assistants in decisions affecting the practice. Make sure you’re never stingy with praise and recognition, and your medical assistants will continue to repay you with hard work and loyalty.


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