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Medical Assistant Appreciation Week 2015

Post Date: October 19th, 2015

Medical Assistant Appreciation Week  

October 19th – 23rd.  2015


Plaza Personnel Service Medical Staffing San Diego Medical Assistant Appreciation Week 2015


What Medical Assistants do and why we appreciate them


Medical Assistants play an important role in the health of others.  Their job is to help Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants with patient care in a medical practice.  The Doctor and Medical Assistant may work independently in a small private practice.  Or the Doctor and Medical Assistant may work in a private group practice, or as part of a large medical group.  Also for Community Clinics or government branches.  Where ever Doctors work in a clinical practice there is almost always a Medical Assistant working along with the Doctor.

The Medical Assistants role includes multiple duties and responsibilities.  Let’s start with checking the patient into the exam room and prepare the patient to see the Doctor.  This may include taking and recording vital signs, find out why the patients is visiting the Doctor today.  And prepare any supplies the Doc will need while examining the patient.  Once the Doctor has seen the patient he may order tests or prescriptions, the M.A. may be assigned to coordinating these for the patient.   The Medical Assistant may assist the Doctor with office visits, with tests and procedures done there during the patient visit.  Quite often the MA will conduct tests as ordered by the Doctor and according to the specialty.  Another duty for the MA is charting, usually using EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and sometimes still paper charts for each and every patient seen.

A good Medical Assistant will help the patient feel better by being kind and caring.  And help the Doctor by being organized and efficient and being counted upon to follow through.

Medical Assistants have gone to school to learn the basics of their profession.  Usually 6 months to 2 years depending on the program.  Then really learn a lot in the course of their career supporting the Doctors.   They can become State or nationally certified too if they choose to.

For all a Medical Assistant does, which as you can see, is a lot, they deserve a special day each year to celebrate their role.  And so we have Medical Assistant Appreciation Day.


On this Day, Medical Assistant Appreciation Day, October 21st. 2015, we here at Plaza Personnel Service Medical Staffing Agency, want to say a big Thank You to all Medical Assistants and especially those we have worked with over the years.  Thank you for doing a great job for the Doctors we represent.  Your job is important and by doing a good job you have a positive impact on both the patients and Doctors where you work.  We say Thank you today for all the valuable contributions you make today and every day you go to work as a Medical Assistant.  We appreciate you today and every day.  Happy Medical Assistants Appreciation Day!




Medical Assistant Appreciation Week 2015



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