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A true story about the challenges of finding your first job as a Medical Assistant

Post Date: May 18th, 2015

A true story about the challenges of finding your first job as a Medical Assistant – getting started in your career as a Medical Assistant

Some new Medical Assistant graduates get hired from their externship sites and some may find an MA position pretty quickly after graduating.  But for many the search for their first MA job is more challenging.

I would like to share the story of two Medical Assistant I met this week.   My goal here is to provide some encouragement and motivation to newly graduated Medical Assistants.   The job market has been challenging for new MA grads to say the least.  Every week I receive calls from new Medical Assistant graduates looking for their first job opportunity in the medical field.  Often I hear a lot of frustration and disappointment with how difficult it can be to find the first job as a Medical Assistant and get started in a career. 

So I usually tell the people who call me to not give up, to keep applying and eventually they will be in the right place at the right time and get hired.   I wonder how many take this advice and keep applying even though they may have been turned down lots of times already.

So here is the story of two Medical Assistants I met this month who did not give up.  I think their stories are inspiring.

First there is Allison.  She graduated in June of 2011 as a Medical Assistant.  After her externship she was not able to find a position as an MA right away, but she needed to work to provide for herself and her daughter.  Allison accepted a position at a Pizza place where she became an Assistant Manager and worked for 2 years.  Then she took a job at a gas station … yes, a gas station!  She worked there for almost a year.  Meanwhile Allison keeps applying and interviewing for Medical Assistant jobs.   She has been turned down so many times she has lost count.  But she has not lost her motivation and desire to work as a Medical Assistant so she keeps on applying.  In February of 2014 a medical practice liked her interview and hired her!  Not exactly BOOM!  It took it 2 ½ years of sending out resumes and going to interviews.  Finally Allison got hired and started on her path to be a great Medical Assistant.  Well done Allison … this story and persistence is AWESOME!!!

Then there is Alicia who has a similar story and journey to reach her goal of working as a Medical Assistant.  Alicia graduated with her MA certificate in September of 2009.  She finally got hired in her first Medical Assistant position in March of 2011.   Here we have Alicia who didn’t give up applying and interviewing for 1 ½ years!  Way to go Alicia! You ROCK!  Alicia applied for around 50 MA jobs during that 1 ½ year time.   From the 50 jobs she applied to she got 7 interviews.  Finally, after all that effort and persistence she was hire as an MA.   The practice she got hired at was one she was really interested in, after she applied there she kept calling them, let’s say once every week, for several weeks until they noticed her and called her in for an interview.  Alicia started out at $12.50 hour and now, 4 years later she is still there and has been promoted and given pay increases, now she is earning a respectable $16 hour.    How great is this?  Alicia did not give up on herself, on her job search and her determination paid off in the long run.  Alicia you and your journey to become an MA is nothing less than FANTASTIC!!!  

I am so impressed by the stories of both Allison and Alicia that I want to share them with the many new Medical Assistant graduates who are struggling to find their first job as a Medical Assistant and get started with their chosen career.   Follow in the footsteps of Allison and Alicia… Keep applying, don’t give up and eventually, you too will be in the right place at the right time and get hired.


This story is told based on the experience of Susan Duva, a Personnel Consultant with Plaza Personnel Service Medical Staffing Agency in San Diego, Ca.

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